Product Brochure

Landing Gear Product Brochure



The new TMC Semi-Trailer Landing Leg is extremely versatile. With the integrated gearbox that offers optimum protection, these legs are designed with the uppermost quality. It requires a very minimum of forces to be applied on the crank handle in both directions.

As the landing leg offers a variety of different feet options cater for each customerís needs. A specially designed leg for air suspensions is also available. This leg incorporates a special foot with a rolling pivot that can move backwards and forwards on the base as the airbags inflate and deflate.

The hitch of two sets of landing gear using a connection shaft ensures the even raising and lowering of the semi-trailer.

The landing gear complies with the TTMA standards; it also complies with the strict AAR regulations, as wells as the Germany Safety Regulations for commercial vehicles. The landing gear is always to be used in conjunction with the instructions for use issued by the manufacturer of the relevant drawbar trailer.


  • One side operation
  • 480mm lift
  • Wide back mounting plate
  • Flat pivot foot standard
  • Optional air foot & rocker foot
  • Winding handle, supporet bracket & cross shaft supplied
  • Meets TTMA, AAR and German safety regulations for commercial vehicles


  • Capacity 28,000 kg/pair
  • Static load 80,000 kg/pair
  • Weight 108 kg/pair
  • Mounting plate
    190 centres
    5 holes at 57 crs
    17 dia holes Lift 480mm
  • Lift per turn
    Low gear 1.05mm
    High gear 8.25mm
  • Crank force at 28T 35 kg
As TMC's policy is one of continuous development. We therefore reserve the right to change or modify the specifications without prior notification.